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About us

The department of Information Management was established in 1998.  In the same year, we introduced an undergraduate program that granted admissions to approximately 50 students each year. The graduate program, awarding the M.S. degree, was established in 2000 to meet the growing need of professionals.  This program aims to provide multidisciplinary training in both Information Technology (IT) and management. In 2003, the admissions to undergraduate program grew to 100 students per year. In the same year, the professional graduate program in Executive Management Information Systems was set up to cultivate mid- to high-level officers or executives to enter the industry.  Both theoretical knowledge and practical training are provided in this professional graduate program.

Department of Information Management, Chang Gung University

Department of Information Management, Chang Gung UniversityNo matter what your background, strength, or area of interest, the graduation schools of Chang Gung University (one of the top universities in the country) tailor courses to cater for your need and give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make a difference. Challenges of life are not to break you, but to make you.  Make your dreams come true at Chang Gung University.




Department of Information Management, Chang Gung UniversityI have spent five years studying in the Department of Information Management. It's the place which changed my business outlook, structured my thinking process, and provided a solid base for me to stand out in my career. Thanks to the teachers, they gave me a good environment to study and conduct research. I particularly want to thank my advisor, Chun-Yi Lin, for his support and encouragement. I really appreciated his guidance.







Department of Information Management, Chang Gung University

The department’s educational goal is to “train and support future IT-professionals by providing solid theoretical training and hands-on practice opportunities, with a view to building integrated information systems that may serve in business, industry, and medicine.” With emphasis on the combination of “information technologies” and “management theories,” students are required, before graduation, to participate in the development of innovative and integrated software systems.  It is our expectation to see students to apply what they learn in class to real life.




一、進入台塑集團 :本校學生除在學期間與台塑企業及長庚醫院密集接觸之外,畢業後並可優先錄取進入台塑集團服務。


三、選擇繼續深造 : 本校除資訊管理研究所外,並設有企業管理研究所、醫務管理研究所及資訊工程研究所等各專業研究所,學生除可選考本校研究所外,亦可選考他校之研究所,接收碩士班及博士班的深造教育。