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Department of Information Management


I learned lots of information technology knowledge when I was studying in CGU, which enhanced my professional ability and thinking of management as well.

In order to receive the IT knowledge to meet up to the challenges in my future career and to satisfy my interests in management, I am studying EMIS program and focusing on management. CGU EMIS program provides an outstanding learning and research environment which is very important for me. I believe this graduate program can make quantum leaps in my career development.

Chang Gung University offers an excellent learning environment to study for me. The teachers in school are strict and serious attitude towards the teaching. It is able to quickly accumulate knowledge in the active interaction between teachers and students. Many convenient and plentiful resources are open to students. For example, I can log in the internet via the IP of school in home, so I can easy to find the academic papers via the electronic database on the internet anytime and anywhere. My advisor gives me useful guidance in my master thesis and helps me to overcome the problems between study and work.

In Chang Gung University I know a lot of classmate who are working in the information management field. We can help each other not only homework but also work. Doing the research and studying investigate ways can let me know that research is really important and rigorous