CGU College of Management Achieves AACSB Re-Accreditation

The College of Management of Chang Gung University has received AACSB initial accreditation since 2016. The continuous improvement review (CIR) was conducted virtually in May 2022 to examine the practices of College of Management (CoM) in Strategic Management and Innovation, Learner Success, Thought Leadership, Engagement and Societal Impact. With the joint efforts brought forth by CoM faculty members, staff and students, and University administration, Chang Gung University was commended for its fulfillment of AACSB accreditation standards and was officially awarded the accreditation for 5 years on Aug. 8th, 2022.

The below is an excerpt from the CIRC (Continuous Improvement Review Committee) Meeting Outcome Decision Letter.

This section provides a brief description of commendations and best practices of the school that demonstrate leadership and high-quality continuous improvement in management education.

Chang Gung University is a private, research-intensive university where high-quality research outputs and their applications in practice are important elements. The team observed ample evidence on how faculty members benefit from considerable support from the university and some professional bodies (especially, the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital). The faculty members have already published their papers in journals with a high impact factor, and also achieved high citations for their publications. Five faculty members from the college have been ranked by the Elsevier BV and Stanford University among the top 2% of scientists in the world. In addition, the college has applied their knowledge to the development of the local region.
Students benefit from various experimental learning activities. Among them, service learning represents an exemplary practice. It has become a requirement for all undergraduate students. Students have used the chance to learn and practice service-leadership skills throughout their practical projects. The university has adopted the “Learning by Doing” approach to encourage students to join the research activities, which has effectively supported students to find jobs. Such a strategy has resulted in a significantly high evaluation from employers, and alumni enjoy their study experiences at Chang Gung University and highly appreciate the university’s educational services.

To set off for the next five years, in view of the recommendation from the CIRC, the College of Management shall further its endeavors on international cooperation, restructure and streamline its assurance of learning (AoL) practices, and strengthen its societal impact that is consistent with CoM's vision of becoming a highly regarded management college in the Asia-Pacific region.