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Wen Lung Shiau


TEL:+886-3-211-8800 ext. 5815


Wen-Lung Shiau received his MS in Computer Science from Polytechnic University, New York, US, in 1995 and the PhD degree from the National Central University, Chung-Li, Taiwan, in 2006. He is a professor in the Department of information management, Chang Gung University. He has published 80 journal papers and many highly cited articles in the Web of Science and Top 1% by citations/field in Clarivate Analytics (ESI). His current research interests include data analysis, marketing, and E-business. His papers have been published or accepted in Internet Research, IM&DS, Scientometrics, IT&P, IJIM, EJIS, DSS, I&M, among others. He is also on the 2019-2021 Stanford University’s list of top 2% most-cited scientists in the world.


1.    Teng, C.-I. Shiau, W.-L., Cheng, T.C.E., and Huang, H.-Y. (2022). Drawing goals nearer: Using the goal-gradient perspective to increase online game usage. International Journal of Information Management. (SSCI)
2.    Shiau, W.-L., Zhou, M., and Liu, C. (2022). Understanding the Formation Mechanism of Consumers’ Behavioral Intention on Double 11 Shopping Carnival: Integrating S-O-R and ELM Theories. Frontier in Psychology, 13:984272.
3.    Shiau, W.-L., Wang, X., Zheng, F., and Tsang, Y. P. (2022). Cognition and emotion in the information systems field: a review of twenty-four years of literature. Enterprise Information Systems, 16(6), 1033-1069. (SCI). 
4.    Chen, J., Hsu, P.-Y., Chang, Y.-W., Shiau, W.-L., and Lan, Y.-C. (2022). For free or paid? A comparison of doctors' intention to offer consulting services in eHealth. Industrial Management & Data Systems. 122(8), 1816-1852. (SSCI). 
5.    Shiau, W.-L., Chen, H., Wang, Z., and Dwivedi, Y. K. (2022). Exploring core knowledge in business intelligence research. Internet Research. (SSCI). 
6.    Li, Y., Zhang, L., Shiau, W.-L., Xu, L. and Liu, Q. (2022). Psychophysiological responses to mobile reading: evidence from frontal EEG signals under a distracting reading environment and different text genres. Information Technology & People. (SSCI). 
7.    Pan, H., Chen, M., and Shiau, W.-L. (2022). Exploring postpandemic struggles and recoveries in the rural tourism based on Chinese situation: A perspective from the IAD Framework. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology, 13(1), 120-139. (SSCI). 
8.    Shiau, W.-L., and Huang, L.-C. (2022). Scale development for analyzing the fit of real and virtual world integration: An example of Pokémon Go. Information Technology & People. (SSCI). 
9.    Chang, Y.-W., Hsu, P.-Y., Chen, J., Shiau, W.-L., and Xu, N. (2022). Utilitarian and/or hedonic shopping- Consumer motivation to purchase in smart stores. Industrial Management & Data Systems. (SCI). 
10.    Liang, T.-P., Lin, Y.-L., Shiau, W.-L., and Chen, S.-F. (2021). Investigating common method bias via an EEG study of the flow experience in website design. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, 22(4), 305-321. (SSCI). 
11.    Shiau, W.-L., Chen, H., Chen, K., Liu, Y.-H., and Tan, F. T. C. (2021). A Cross-Cultural Perspective on the Blended Service Quality for Ride-Sharing Continuance. Journal of Global Information Management, 29(6), 1-25. (SSCI). 
12.    Tsang, Y. P., Wu, C.H., Ip, A. W. H., and Shiau, W.-L.* (2021). Exploring the Intellectual Cores of the Blockchain-Internet of Things (BIoT). Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 34(5), 1287-1317. (SSCI). 
    ESI 1% highly cited article
13.    Shiau, W.-L., Siau, K., Yu, Y., and Guo, J. (2021). Research Commentary on IS/IT Role in Emergency and Pandemic Management: Current and Future Research. Journal of Database Management, 32(2), 67-75. (SCI). 
14.    Liao, G.-Y., Cheng, T. C. E., Shiau, W.-L., and Teng, C.-I. (2021). Impact of online gamers' conscientiousness on team function engagement and loyalty. Decision Support Systems, 142(3), 113468. (SCI) 
15.    Shiau, W.-L., Yuan, Y., Pu, X., Ray, S., and Chen, C.C. (2020). Understanding fintech continuance: perspectives from self-efficacy and ECT-IS theories. Industrial Management & Data Systems, 120(9), 1659-1689. (SCI) 
    ESI 1% highly cited article
16.    Hou, A. C. Y., and Shiau, W.-L.* (2020). Understanding Facebook to Instagram migration: a push-pull migration model perspective. Information Technology & People, 33(1), 272-295. (SSCI)
17.    Xing, W., Hsu, P.-Y., Chang, Y.-W., and Shiau, W.-L. (2020). How does online doctor-patient interaction affect online consultation and offline medical treatment?. Industrial Management & Data Systems, 120(1), 196-214. (SCI)
18.    Chang, Y.-W., Hsu, P.-Y., Shiau, W.-L., and Hsu, M.-C. (2019). An empirical study on factors affecting switching intention to cloud enterprise resource planning: A comparison between public and private clouds. Journal of Global Information Management, 27(4), 46-49. (SSCI)
19.    Shiau, W.-L., Yan, C.-M., and Lin, B.-W. (2019). Exploration into the Intellectual Structure of Mobile Information Systems. International Journal of Information Management, 47, 241-251. (SSCI)
20.    Khan, G., Sarstedt, M., Shiau, W.-L.*, Hair, J., Ringle, C., and Fritze, M. (2019). Methodological research on partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM). Internet Research, 29 (3), 407-429. (SSCI).
    ESI 1% highly cited article
21.    Shiau, W.-L., Sarstedt, M., and Hair, J. F. (2019). Internet research using partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM). Internet Research, 29(3), 398-406. (SSCI)
22.    Hou, A. C. Y., Shiau, W.-L., and Shang, R.-A. (2019). The involvement paradox: The role of cognitive absorption in mobile instant messaging user satisfaction. Industrial Management & Data Systems, 119(4), 881-901. (SCI) 
23.    Liang, C.-C., and Shiau, W.-L. (2018). Moderating effect of privacy concerns and subjective norms between satisfaction and repurchase of airline eticket through airline-ticket vendors. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 23(12), 1142-1159. (SSCI) 
24.    Shiau, W.-L., Dwivedi, Y. K., and Lai, H.-H. (2018). Examining the core knowledge on facebook. International Journal of Information Management, 43, 52-63. (SSCI)
    ESI 1% highly cited article
25.    Shiau, W.-L., Dwivedi, Y. K., and Yang, H. S. (2017). Co-citation and cluster analyses of extant literature on social networks. International Journal of Information Management, 37(5), 390-399. (SSCI)
    ESI 1% highly cited articl
26.    Huang, L.-C., and Shiau, W.-L., Lin, Y.-H. (2017). What factors satisfy e-book store customers? Development of a model to evaluate e-book user behavior and satisfaction. Internet Research, 27(3), 496-520. (SSCI). 
27.    Huang, L.-C., and Shiau, W.-L.* (2017). Factors affecting creativity in information system development: Insights from a decomposition and PLS-MGA. Industrial Management & Data Systems, 117(3), 496-520. (SCI). 


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