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Laboratories and Facilities

Research area Labortories Factuly Ext.
Information Security Ubiquitous Security and Applications Lab. Ker-Lung Hsu 3234
  Wireless Communications Network Lab. Yu-Jen Chen 5842
Biomedical Information Health information and knowledge management Lab. Ker-Kun Chang 3240
  Biomedical Imaging Informatics Lab. Shu-Yen Wan 5843
  Health Information and Operations Management Lab. Chun-Yi Lin 3232
  Intelligent Decision Support Systems Lab. Chun-Hsien Chen 5846
  Computer Aided Diagnosis System Lab. Wen-Jie Wu 3241
  Digital Health Lab. Yi-Ju Tseng 3231
Management Science and Engineering Digital Application & Operations Management Lab. Ching-Ter Chang 3713
  Decision and Optimization Lab. Shih-Wei Lin 3229
  Laboratory for Financial Informatics and Decision-Making Chang-Chun Lin
Yen-I Chiang
  Service Quality and Management Lab. Wen-Jen Chang 5845
  Electronic Commerce Lab. Jih-Chang Wang 3239
Information Behavior Information Technology and Organizational Behavior Lab. Li-Ting Huang 3233
  Intelligent System Lab.

Wei-Chao Lin
Neng-Pin Lu

  User Experience and Behavior Laboratory Gen-Yi Liao 3226
  Computer-Assisted Communication lab. Chen-Li Kuo 3239
  Intelligent Robots Lab.  Shih Wei Lin
Ker-Lung Hsu
Wen-Jie Wu
Neng-Pin Lu