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[Announcement of Epidemic Prevention Task Force] Announcement on Jan 25, 2021

According to the 26th meeting of the COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention Task Force on Jan 25, 2021, please cooperate with the below tasks:

1. The confirmed domestic infection cases of COVID-19 are increasing recently. To strictly implement the winter epidemic prevention project, everyone is required to wear face mask when you enter crowded or confined places, e.g., elevators, classrooms, and interior spaces of buildings. Please always wash your hands and keep social distancing. If you have fever, cough, or abnormal smell and taste, please immediately inform the University Health Center and report to the fever self-reporting system for fever in the University Epidemic Prevention icon on website.. Moreover, in order to collect the contact history and health situation of students, tutors are required to setup internet group between tutors and students. Also, administrative heads should collect and report the health situation of colleagues.

2. In order to actively protect the health and safety of all personnel in the University, you are required to do reporting when you enter each confined place to facilitate the collection of the contact history and the possible epidemic investigation. Besides the current QR code scanning, please activate Wi-Fi and register CGU_WiFi in your mobile device in the campus. The registration information is only for epidemic investigation and will be automatically destroyed after 28 days.

3. All applications of extracurricular activity are required to attach a risk evaluation form. Event organizer should straightly follow the requirements in the risk evaluation form to organize activities. If the risk assessment cannot be met, the event must be cancelled or postponed.

4. All personnel should suspend domestic and international trips from Jan 23. If you have special needs, please seek for special approval one month in advance.

We should work together to protect and guard our campus from the COVID-19 epidemic. Thank you!
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